I’m going loco. (okay, just so you know this has NOTHING to do w binging whatsoever)

So, this is how it feels like to be in love. Constantly wishing he was here, constantly dreaming of where we can go next, going down memory lane and dreaming about being in his arms all over again, wishing time would just stand still when he’s next to me. Ah. I swear, I just want to be with him. For now, for always. It’s been only a short month plus, but you know how everyone’s always in search of “the one”? I never really knew how people know when they meet that certain someone, but I think I finally understand.

It’s not the roller coaster feeling. it’s the warmth you feel when he looks into your eyes and says “I love you” for the very first time as the sun sets and you’re  on the tallest tower of the city. It’s not the crazy wild kisses he gives you with his friends around, it’s the passionate kisses that he gives when you’re alone then just smiles at you as though you’re the only one in his world. It’s not the sweet texts that he sends daily, its the long messages that he sends every once in awhile just telling you how much you mean to him. It’s not about being in love, it’s about being comfortable, about being yourself when he’s around you.

I can’t tell you how much he means to me at this point and I really never want to imagine myself without him. It’s been 41 days and everyday, i’m seeing myself falling more in love with him that I ever had with any other guy. He completes me in a way that no one else does. He brings out the better part of me that no one has ever seem to have done. He shows me he cares by watching me sleep. He makes sure I’m happy just so he’s happy. He’s everything I have ever wished for, and more.

our love came so unexpectedly, and i know it’s here to stay. (:


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